Pole Art Shows

In a world where ugliness is considered an art, with the excuse that  this is a part of our life too, the public leaves a show where ugliness, hatred, violence are main themes, with a big frustration.

Yes, these are part of our daily life too, but the public yearns for something more. For nurturing the soul with beauty, love and refinement.

Why not bring sunshine and hope in our lives, instead of bringing desperation?

We want our audience to be uplifted and to live an experience beyond the limitations of our daily life. With our shows we capture the essence of humanity, hope for the better, happiness and of course beauty in its best expression.

We bring smiles that lasts after the shows and make our life seem easier.

Be part of our unique Pole Art Shows!

We are pioneers for the Romanian stage with our Pole Art Shows! We are pioneers for making not a simple show, but a powerful expression of all that it is beautiful.

Enjoy the craziest skills of our pole artists! They will share their talent with the public just for breaking the separation between artists from the stage and people from the audience, in order to realize that beauty bounds us all.

Prepare for greatness!