About Pole Art Romania

Welcome to Pole Art Romania!

Our goal is to promote Pole Art and make it known to our public through our high quality and unique Pole Art Shows, Pole Art Championships, Pole Art Camps and other events.

What is Pole Art? This style combines Pole Dance, Pole Fitness, contemporary dance and some basic moves from ballet. With Pole Art the main goal is to express a certain state of spirit and your body to create a story around and on the Pole, in an artistic way.

Grace, elegance, beauty, strength, fluidity, musicality, expressivity are some of the main characteristic of Pole Art.


With our Pole Art shows we are pioneers for the Romanian public. In comparison with other countries that have so many years of Pole practice, we are still young in Pole, but confidently growing.

We already had our first ever Pole Silks Doubles and Pole Art Doubles in December 2018, a show definitely not to be missed. Main sponsors: X-Pole, Dragonfly brand.

With Pole Silks Doubles we were pioneers for this type of show.


In 2018 we organized a successful local Pole Art Championship – “Love To Pole Dance” – sponsored by X-Pole, Dragonfly brand and Decathlon.

For 2021 it is scheduled Pole Art Romania Championship.


We are proud to announce the first ever Romanian Pole Camp. With our Pole Camps we would love to give a chance to our Romanian pole students and pole students from all over the world to learn from the best and to improve their Pole skills, guided by pole champions.

Our main pole guests for Pole Art Romania Camp #1 - 2019 - are Natalia Meshcheriakova (overall and Pro Art Winner Pole Theater Latvia 2019 , 2nd Runner Up in World Pole Dance Championship 2016, 3 times winner of Russian National championships) and Evgeny Greshilov (7 times International champion and 3 times World Pole champion).

Stay tuned for more events and check frequently our website or social media!

Prepare for greatness!

Pole Art Romania Championships

First Romanian Pole Camp 2019

Pole Art Shows

Pole Art Classes at Ecstatic Expansion Dance School

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